Our Approach


At BCA, we combine the disciplines of mergers & acquisitions, private capital placements, and turnaround based management buy-ins and buy-outs (MBI/MBO) to deliver to our clients total transaction clarity.
Whether the engagement is a management led buy-in of an integrated telecom, a structured financing of global maritime assets, or the development of a strategic merger of complimentary technology companies we deliver impeccable guidance and real tangible transaction expectations based on our collective legal, financial and most importantly COMPANY backgrounds. Please take a moment to view our transaction spotviews and see how we deliver value at crucial inflection points on a transaction time line.

Our Growth Advisory practice catalyzes the founding process, implements essential command and controls and leverages a global network of leading institutions to deliver you the capital you require, and the leaders, partners and clients you need to succeed.
Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a start-up looking to grow? Are you seeking private or institutional capital? Please take a moment to contact us and request more information about our growth advisory practice.